What's Your Metal?

The dilemma of buying jewellery. Should I get that necklace I've been eyeing out in silver? Or gold? Or maybe rose gold? Our recommendation? Choose the one that best accentuates your skin tone. 

Here's our guide to choosing a metal that can illuminate your natural tones and give you that glow like the goddess you are. 

First, what is your skin tone?

Are you cool, warm or neutral? A quick way to find out - have a look at the veins on your wrist. 

You have a cool skin tone if your veins are blue or purple. If your veins are more of a green hue, then you have a warm skin tone. If it's neither of these, or a mix of everything, then you most likely have a neutral skin tone.

Now, do you burn or tan? If you tend to burn, you're most likely a cool tone. If you're one of the lucky ones and simply tan, you're most likely warm toned. 

For the cool toned goddess

Silver is your go to. It gives a striking, fresh and radiant look. Yellow gold is your friend too, if you're feeling a tad bit fancier.

Model wearing silver and gold necklace and earringsShop the Gold Collection

For the warm toned goddess

Lucky you, because yellow gold, rose gold and silver all look great, but yellow gold in particular is the perfect accent to make you glow. 

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Jewellery model wearing gold rings, necklace and earrings

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For the neutral toned goddess

Your skin tone complements all types of metals. Why not try mixing it up and combine all 3? 

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Model wearing silver, gold and rose gold collection (neutral skin tone)

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At Asena, we're all about embracing individual style and creativity, so don't let this limit what jewellery you wear. There are other factors to consider too - balance it with your skin colour, your hair colour, your eye colour, your personality, your style and your outfit. Experiment. Try something new. Be confident - this is more important than anything else - you will shine no matter what you're wearing. 

So, what's your favourite metal?

- Asena x