Moonstone Magic

Hands down, our absolute favourite stone is moonstone. Why do we love it? With its opalescent sheen - it's gorgeous, it's unique, it's easy to wear, and as a bonus, ancient belief has it that moonstones have protective and healing properties. How could you not fall in love with something so exquisite?

silver and gold rings with moonstone feature

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Beauty personified 

The light that dances through the stone is magical, with a silvery, bluish luminosity. It is known as aduralescence - like there is an internal flow of light, almost like soft wispy clouds. It also has chatoyancy, or a 'cat's eye efffect' - when a strand of light is reflected off the stone as you rotate it, it makes it look like a cat's eye. Usually a milky colour without any light, moonstone also has varieties of peach, grey, pink, cream, yellow and blue. 

moon river necklace gold

 Shine like your moonstone

Moonstone reflects so many different colours depending on which angles you move and what you wear. Being such a neutral stone, you can wear it with any outfit, from minimal, to boho chic, to more of a statement. They're almost like a mirror, since they reflect the colour and light around you. Why not try an all-white ensemble, or light blue, or even yellow. The sky’s the limit really!

love stoned ring gold

 Awaken your inner moon goddess

This mystical gem has been used since ancient times to aid in inner spiritual journeys. With its connection to the energy of the moon, moonstone is known to be a source of tranquility and serenity, giving a sense of calm. It is used in Ayurvedic medicine and other crystal healing methods, and often used to help maintain reproductive health since it’s connected with the lunar cycle controlling a woman’s cycle.

Moonstone is considered to have a strong, feminine energy, with ancient legends claiming the stone was named after the Roman Goddess of the Moon, Diana. It is said that it is one of the most powerful stones to bring you in touch with your inner goddess. So grab a shining moonstone piece to remind yourself of the power you have within you and shine bright like the goddess you are.

moon river necklace gold

- Asena x