Demi-fine: A touch of luxury to fashion jewellery

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Today’s topic: Demi-fine jewellery. What’s that about? 

Demi-fine is an emerging, fashion-forward category for the savvy, stylish, modern women looking to include a little luxury into everyday wear, but at a much more… let’s just say, ‘purse friendly’ price.

It is the middle ground between costume and fine jewellery. Its distinct characteristic is its mix of metals and semi-precious stones. Asena pieces in particular use the highest quality sterling silver (marked 925, which is 92.5% silver and 7.5% other alloys) and 18k gold micron plating. Our designs feature a selection of our favourite semi-precious and simulant stones and a few more surprises you’ll see in our future collections.

We create luxury, on-trend jewellery. All pieces are a combination of modern silhouettes with playful twists to add an elegant, subtle statement to any look or stack them for more drama and sass.

You’ve got your it-bag, your statement shoe, now don’t forget to treat yourself to some luxury jewels too.

- Asena x

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